The Ultimate in Comfort Is Bella Linea’s Wool Pad

It may come as a surprise, but comfort doesn’t end with down comforters, pillows, and fine linens. Besides sleeping on a top-quality mattress, there’s another product that’s a ‘must-own’ for discerning clients dedicated to getting the best sleep imaginable: our fabulous wool pad that’s been made to our specifications. As is true with fine sheets and quality down products, a wool pad likewise adds yet a third dimension of comfort. Originally invented for use in hospitals to keep patients from getting bed sores, a wool pad is a lifetime investment, and wicks away moisture leaving you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also protects the mattress and significantly eases ‘pressure points’.

But its best feature, we believe, is that it adds just enough cushion to bring out the hand of a high quality fitted sheet. (And makes those that aren’t so fine feel much better!)  Year after year, it remains one of our top sellers, and is our number-one staff favorite. We love it so much that when clients ask what they should buy first, we recommend starting with a wool pad and building their bed from there. Once you sleep on one, you’ll never be without - and that’s a promise!

Bella Linea also offers a cotton pad alternative; thicker than others on the market, and perfect for a child’s bed and guest bedroom. For more information and prices, call us at 615-352-4041 or toll free at 866-280-4480, or email us at