Care of Down and Feather

Bella Linea recommends an experienced dry cleaner to wash down and feather products. Down and feather should never be dry cleaned as chemicals strip essential oils needed for down to loft and cause feathers to break. We also recommend not washing down products at home due to inadequate rinsing and draining, and extraordinarily long drying times required when using most standard-sized residential machines.

Duvet covers and pillow protectors dramatically lengthen the life of a down product by preventing tickings from getting soiled and worn.  They also act as a barrier to keep perspiration and oils from hair and skin from seeping in to the product. Ever notice a yellowed pillow protector? That’s because it’s been collecting residue over time---and protecting your pillow as it’s meant to do. Bella Linea includes a pillow protector with every pillow purchased.  We recommend washing pillow protectors weekly.  

Other do's and don'ts:

  • Do not zip pillow protectors completely closed so as to let moisture escape.  Leave about two inches open.
  • Do dry your pillows in your dryer once a month on low heat for ten minutes.  This removes moisture buildup and will also plump up the pillows.
  • Do not store or seal down and feather in plastic.
  • Do air out comforters after a rainstorm when the ozone level is high.  This refreshes down clusters and your comforter will smell wonderful too!  It's also great for pillows!
  • Do have your pillows and comforters washed yearly, and replace pillows every 3-5 years, depending on use.

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