The Third Ingredient: Construction

Getting Down To Basics: Bella Linea's Recommendations


If you choose not to buy a baffle-box comforter, you probably should skip buying a down comforter altogether. Why? Because a baffle-box construction is the best of all constructions, and allows a comforter to properly loft and insulate to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. It also enhances the coveted ‘wrapped in a cocoon’ feeling. And, it’s a distinguishing factor that alone can spell the difference between so-so, and fabulous.

A baffle-box construction contains internal fabric walls that separates the top and bottom sides of the comforter within its box design. Baffles also add strength to a comforter and reduces the stress on the stitching that comes from daily handling. The larger the box size, the more a comforter will loft and its ‘line of demarkation’ will also be less noticeable beneath its duvet cover.

The exception to the baffle box rule is a sewn-through box construction, which we highly recommend for warm-natured individuals, or for use during the hot summer months. Other types of constructions, such as karo-step, channel, and ring stitch, are not recommended by Bella Linea because the down shifts too much. We're also leery of channel constructions that frame a comforter because the down tends to be uneven compared to the rest of the comforter, and is noticeable in its duvet cover. Bella Linea provides a full range of baffle and sewn through box comforters in different warmth levels and prices to meet all needs.

Sleep And Other Pillows

Softer pillows are usually preferred by stomach sleepers, medium for side sleepers, and the firmest for back sleepers. Combination sleepers - which many of us are - may need to try all three to find the most comfortable. It might even be necessary to buy two pillows with two different fills and switch them back and forth during the night. (What you start out with might not be as comfortable after shifting positions, for example, or because of sinus or muscle aches).

Pillows are filled with down or combination down and feather. Feather, or the quills, are used mostly for “filler pillows”, or specialty sizes such as European, bolsters, and small chair pillows. They cost less than down to manufacture, and are a great value. We prefer feather for specialty pillows because they hold their shape, support a heavy fabric cover, and don’t look skimpy. We have several sleep and specialty pillows to choose from, including a down alternative pillow.


They're divine! But we recommend the use of a featherbed for guest bedrooms only because of the daily maintenance required to keep them fluffed properly. Our customers have shared that although they love how they feel and the extra poof they give to a bed, it takes too much time and energy to maintain them everyday. And, if daily maintenance is neglected or halfheartedly attended to, it can aggravate backs, necks, and other maladies.  But they are wonderful for short-term guests as a way to provide the ultimate in comfort along with a design ‘wow!’ factor.

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