The First Ingredient: Down Clusters

Separating fact from fiction can be ‘a cluster,' because unfortunately, one can’t see or measure the down clusters inside a product before buying. (Through cleaning and refurbishing, we’ve uncovered some pretty scary things in comforters and pillows!) The largest and best down clusters usually come from geese, but duck down can also be of high quality, dictated by how cold the climate is. However, Bella Linea is wary of products containing duck down because it’s the fill of choice for those selling low quality products, and can have an odor.

Fill Power

Down clusters are light, fluffy, contain thousands of tentacles, are either white or in varying shades of gray, and come from beneath the outer layer of feathers on geese and ducks. The higher they loft, the more warmth and continuity they provide. This is called fill power, which is measured in cubic ounces of volume. (i.e. one ounce of 650 fill power down will fill a 650 cubic inch container).

Quality fill powers range from 500 to 900 to ensure that a product will be both comfortable and retain its fluff over time. It also results in being lighter in weight, which enhances the “sleeping on a cloud” experience. Down pillows, especially, require a high fill power so they won’t flatten as easily or quickly. But it does cost more. Bella Linea's fill powers go as high as 900.

Washing Down And Feather

Down and feather must be washed properly to remove dust and undesirable, unhealthy particles, and then sterilized. But because it’s an expensive process that can’t be verified by consumers, ‘shortcuts’ can easily be taken. The tip-off - as always - is price. Simply stated: cheaply filled, cheaply priced down products usually haven’t been washed and sanitized well enough either.

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