Care of Down and Feather

Down and feather should always be washed. Bella Linea does not recommend dry cleaning, as chemicals strip essential oils needed for down to loft and prevent feathers from drying out and breaking. We suggest having down products washed by an experienced cleaner to insure proper laundering and safety.

Duvet covers and pillow protectors will dramatically lengthen the life of your product. At Bella Linea, we include a pillow protector with every pillow purchased because it keeps perspiration and oils from hair and skin from seeping in to the product. Ever notice a yellowed pillow protector? That’s because it’s been collecting residue over time---and protecting your pillow as it’s meant to do. We recommend washing pillow protectors weekly.

Bella Linea offers a cleaning and restoration service. Please call us at 615-352-4041 for further questions.

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