Where Our Linens Come From

Bella Linea offers the latest luxury linens available, along with creative ways to incorporate them. In contrast to mass-produced bedding and “bedding sets”, our vast choices of state-of-the-art designs, patterns, and colors in all price ranges come from the world’s linen markets. Price is always a consideration and we are relentless in seeking the best quality for the best price. But price doesn’t drive our business. Unlike big box and online retailers, our business is selling linens that first meet a strict quality and design standard.

Bella Linea does not rely on any one source for linens in all categories. We constantly evaluate and seek new products, as well as keep those that are time-tested. We highly value our suppliers and know who’s who, and have had relationships with many manufacturers for over 24 years.

We’re Different

What sets Bella Linea apart is that our staff creates beds with you or your personal designer you won’t see anywhere else. Because of our knowledge of linens and experience in meeting customer preferences and budget requirements, our ability to combine the 3 essential elements of design: luxury, comfort, and beauty to match decor - is what Bella Linea is known and renowned for. Our team has been carefully chosen; all have been trained in design, textiles, and sales.

Taking A Stand For Our Brand

We avoid manufacturers who market themselves at the expense of brick and mortar stores, or who allow conflicting prices on websites. We also appreciate not being shopped and 'used' for the purpose of buying online or elsewhere cheaper since it’s a lose-lose: it harms Bella Linea, puts customers at high risk for questionable quality and customer service from others, and it adversely impacts our community, which depends on small businesses to create jobs. Thank you for your consideration and understanding so that we may continue to serve you for many years to come. Like most connected to the interior design industry, Bella Linea remains committed to providing linens and other products that haven’t been overexposed or undercut.

Our sheets and duvets are mostly woven in Europe from fine Egyptian cotton, and are available in sateen, percale, or organic wood fibers in different thread counts, colors and finishes. Coverlets and shams include matelasses and other contemporary designs. Complementing bedskirts, decorative pillows and other bedding accessories, and blankets and throws are also available.

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