Finding Quality Linens

Where can you find quality linens, and know if it’s the real thing? At Bella Linea, you'll find a vast array of quality linens in different thread counts, colors, patterns, fabric compositions, and price ranges. We can be reached at bellabeds@bellalinea. com or at 615-352-4041 or toll free 866-280-4480. Otherwise:

  1. Your local specialty linen store is your best resource. Research first if you must, but go there to buy. Why? Because they know who the best manufacturers are and have usually had many years of experience and continuity with them, consumers, and know the market. By buying locally, you will have a trusted resource for years to come. Additionally:
    • You won’t be a captive customer to the big boxes or the Internet for ‘bed in a bag’ designs and/or poor quality linens, which are targeted to the masses instead of to you, individually. (It's alot like going to the prom and seeing somebody else in your same dress.  True of furniture and other design elements too!  Do you want trendy or unique and lasting?)
    • Bella Linea offers the most choices  (over 4,000!) and we know how to properly design beds to fit your budget, lifestyle and decor.
    • Bella Linea is quick to introduce great new products since we don’t have corporate red tape to deal with, or ‘turnstile’ corporate buyer’s and other employees who often don't understand linens. (Or really care about customers).
    • Bella Linea provides the best customer service and expertise  hands down.
    • Unlike faceless Online stores and big boxes who can hide behind their “corporate veil’, Bella Linea works hard to guard our reputation and are proud that we are known personally in our community.
  2. The best quality sheets are primarily woven in Europe. Beware third-world countries, discounters, and low-end chains. Their business model is to sell products at specific price points instead of to a quality standard.
  3. Check the price. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  4. Feeling “the hand” of the product is the most important. You can’t do that on the Internet. Look closely at the weaving and check for loose threads, and other embellishments. Hemstitching, for example, can vary widely. Pay very close attention to these details. Also check for dye lot discrepancies.
  5. Shrug off thread count, unless or until you know you’re dealing with a single-ply sheet, or trust your resource.
  6. Ask for information. We realize many people love to do their own research first. But you’ll be ever-thankful if you will allow yourself to fall into the hands of experts.  We promise!
  7. Check out the competition. We recommend that you actually purchase a discount pillowcase and use it to comparison shop.

If all this seems like too much time and trouble, think again. The sheet sets and linens you purchase will be yours to enjoy - or not - for 8 hours every day, 365 days a year - for years. Buy the best you can possibly afford, even if you must delay purchasing, because - as our clients constantly rave - using fine, beautiful linens greatly enhances sleep and feelings of well-being. You’ll also realize a return on investment over time by not having to replace as often. For more information, contact Bella Linea or visit us to discover the difference!