The Most Important Truth: Quality Cotton

Even though thread counts alone don’t tell the quality story, the following does:

The best linens are woven with single ply, long staple cotton.  This results in cotton strands that are long and strong. The longer the strand, the softer the finished product will be, but which is also determined by:

Where cotton is grown, weather conditions, & weaving skill.

Weaving a fine linen product is like following a recipe: if you have the right equipment, but not fresh ingredients, the end result will be compromised. With cotton, where it’s grown and weather conditions matter. Even so, some cotton grown in prestigious cotton regions, such as Egypt, does not automatically translate in to a quality product. Likewise, it’s also true that high-quality cotton is being cultivated in other parts of the world.

The third, most important ingredient is how cotton is woven and finished. Even high quality cotton fibers can be ruined with a poor finish. What that means to consumers is: yes, you can own a high thread count sheet, but still end up with an uncomfortable night’s sleep, and/or a product that starts to deteriorate after a few washings. That’s because of how it’s finished.

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